August 27, 2020

"David and I have been missing each other for the last nine years since I purchased our ride for my wife's 53rd birthday. Many time I was traveling or the weather was not suitable. We finally get to take our ride and it was well worth the wait. My wife was ecstatic and was glad we finally had the opportunity to fly. Our pilot David was nothing short of outstanding. He was professional, courteous and very accommodating. The fact that we help with the set up and packing up the balloon was even more enjoyable. During the ride David really showed us his experience as pilot by taking us down low in some areas to see a site, only to gain altitude to avoid stationary obstacles. and the landing was absolutely perfect. Afterwards he had set up a table and served us champagne and muffins to commemorate the ride along with a certificate making us honorary Astronauts. This was one of our bucket list items and we are glad we did it. If you have not tried a hot air balloon ride, YOU SHOULD an ask for David at Austin Aeronauts. Special mentions goes out to Robert Snyder whose professionalism and positive attitude and the pictures he took along the way made the whole trip even more enjoyable. This adventure was the BOMB! And from the pictures we have family members interested in taking a flight. I will refer them"
August 26, 2020

"We had a wonderful time on our hot Airbaloon ride. I was so scared to do this adventure because I’m not a fan of heights but the ride was so smooth and not scary at all! It’s an experience of a lifetime and David was a great pilot, always available when I called, and made the whole experience very special for us ."
August 24, 2020

"This was an 80th birthday gift to my husband Gary from our children and me. The ride had to be postponed for almost 6 weeks but the day of the flight was absolutely perfect. Light winds and cool for August. David is a great pilot who also gave us a bit of history of the area around San Marcus. Seeing the sunrise over the hills was amazing! David and Robert hosted a reverential champagne toast to ballooning that was inspiring. A very nice touch. Thank you both for the assistance in getting on board. "
August 22, 2020

"I loved my recent hot air balloon ride! Everyone was very professional and the experience was very exciting!! I highly recommend this company!! Give it a try if you’re looking for a fun adventure!!"
August 22, 2020

"This was the most exciting, beautiful and awesome trip I've ever had in air. Still smiling. Ray Jean Gaston 8-20-2020"