March 27, 2023

"Exhilerating experience for a sunrise lift off with extreme safety in mind! All the bells and whistles with an expert pilot and the owner of Austin Aeronauts hot Air Balloons! Add a bit of air balloon history and a surprise ending after your flight! My husband and I were given this flight as an anniversary gift from our 3 adult kids. Our anticipation grew as numerous reschedules happened due to the wind and weather patterns. Be patient and get wowed. This experience was everything and more than we were expecting! Can't wait to fly again! Thank you Josh for creating an incredibly special memory!"
March 26, 2023

"I waited five months for the flight it was pospone because of weather. But at the end my wife and two girls had a blast."
March 4, 2023

"Even though we didn't go, it was cancelled, due to weather, they worked with us and both sides were happy, when we're back in Austin we'll be back *Terminator Voice*"
February 20, 2023

"I would highly recommend Austin Aeronauts. If you're looking for a ballooning experience in the Austin area, these guys know what they're doing. My boyfriend made a reservation to go ballooning for us as a Valentine's Day adventure and it was super fun. I would recommend booking either a private balloon or with a group you know (the basket was not extra spacious), Our pilot Rob and the chase driver Jenn really knew what they were doing and it was a very good experience even though our flight wasn't flawless or easy; when you go up in a balloon, you don't have control over right or left OR the winds that influence speed. Rob was 100% professional and really worked to make sure that we were safe and enjoyed the experience. We plan to book with these guys again the future."
November 3, 2022

"Truly a magical experience. Loved learning about hot air balloons, being a part of the ‘crew’ and flying like you’ve never experienced. A definite bucket list item. Thanks to the entire team and our pilot Dave."