September 9, 2018

August 21, 2018

"David and his team at Austin Aeronauts were incredible! First we had some trouble scheduling the flight because of weather and while I was disappointed at the cancellations it was more than worth the wait. David explained the importance of having the right conditions and when we got up into the balloon it all made sense! The views were breathtaking and the ride incredibly smooth (and the landing totally smooth too!). The whole ride was incredible but David and his team made it extra amazing. They were knowledgeable, fun, and talented pilots. David made sure we knew we were in good hands and that made the experience all that more enjoyable. Afterwards we had a small champagne toast and learned about how hot air ballooning started. It was an amazing flight and I can't thank Austin Aeronauts enough for making so special!"
May 10, 2018

"My husband is a quadriplegic and David was so wonderful in getting him in the balloon and taking him on a flight and having a perfect landing. He is one of the best pilots I’ve ever known. My husband has not stopped talking about his experience. Thank you so much!"
November 21, 2017

"Austin Aeronauts provides top notch service. Dave helped us schedule our Hot Air Balloon Ride and Josh was a very proficient pilot. This has been on my bucket list for a very long time and they made it very special for me and the other passengers. I felt very safe during the whole experience. We were able to view the sunrise from the balloon and floated very peacefully over Round Rock. The champagne toast on the ground at the end of the ride was such a nice touch. I highly recommend them!!"
November 20, 2017

"We tried to fly many times, and we were disappointed each time we were told the weather just wouldn’t permit it. BUT, TODAY WAS PERFECT. You guys watch the weather so closely to make sure the ride was worthwhile, and it definitely was. We had an amazing time! It was such a wonderful morning and everyone at Austin Aeronauts was so kind and welcoming. It was a flight of a lifetime, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Josh for flying us!"