Pilot Training in Austin, TX

For some people, it’s a lifelong dream to go up in a hot air balloon and gaze out at the open vistas by themselves, or take friends and family up for a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’re looking for hot air balloon training in Austin, TX to achieve this dream, come to Austin Aeronauts. We take pride in teaching budding aeronauts the skills they need to be balloon pilots themselves.

Our Qualifications

What makes us qualified to give hot air balloon pilot lessons in Austin, TX? The answer is unmatched experience. Owner David Smuck has over 4,500 hours of flight time in balloons and an additional 600 hours in fixed-wing aircraft. This extensive knowledge has led Austin Aeronauts to fly more than 10,000 passengers in hot air balloons over our companies many decades in business. We’re also an FAA certified company.

hot air balloon training

The road to becoming a pilot

Some of our trainees come to us as balloon owners, who want to refine their knowledge of hot air balloon operation and become pilots for personal or financial gain. Others just want to work for a company like Austin Aeronauts! Whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to fly a balloon, everyone starts in the same place.

At Austin Aeronauts, students spend about a year in training and a considerable amount of time on the ‘retrieve team,’ to learn exactly what the team on the ground goes through. It is also a time to learn why the instructor pilot makes certain “go” and “no go” decisions. We’ll make sure you know the ropes from every angle—from the operation of the balloon itself, to the proper action and reaction in certain situations.

We suggest coming out to observe a flight or to participate as a student/passenger before you decide to take up training.

Cost of Training

The outright cost to obtain your balloon pilot certificate is $2,400. Quite often, Austin Aeronauts can either partially or totally fold the cost of this training into the purchase price of a balloon, or adjust the cost by how much time you can spend with the retrieve crew.

For more information about our balloon pilot training or to inquire about the cost of certification, please contact us today by calling 512-440-1492.