Corporate Balloon Rides in Austin, TX

Scott Felder Homes Hot Air balloon From employee appreciation parties to gala-type fundraising events, showmanship is all part of the entertainment. For an event unlike any your corporate guests will ever experience, trust Austin Aeronauts to deliver hot air balloon rides. We work with companies of all sizes, for any style event, to help your guests leave with a memorable experience.

Unlike other companies that offer corporate hot air balloons in Austin, TX, we focus on the experience of your individual guests, rather than just going through the motions. We limit flights to just 6 people in each basket, to ensure everyone has a personal experience that’s exciting and enjoyable—not to mention comfortable.

Anywhere you need us

We’re a mobile company! This means we can travel to your location, no matter where the event is. Our team quickly sets up and can chart balloon flights from just about anywhere—whether you’re just going up or going for a quick float.

We have experience traveling the skies in numerous areas, including Texas Hill Country, the New Mexico deserts, the plains of Canada, the mountains of Colorado, the rivers of Mexico and the cities of Europe! No matter where your corporate event is taking place, trust us to make the most out of the area, to give your guests a bird’s eye view they’ll cherish forever.

air balloons for corporate events

Corporate Advertising

Want to get your company’s message out in a big way? It’s hard to ignore a giant balloon floating in the middle of the open air! We help companies explore the many benefits of balloon advertising and can tailor our flight path and message display to meet the needs of your campaign. Consult with us today about hot air balloon advertising in Austin, TX.

To learn more about what Austin Aeronauts can do for your business, please contact us today by calling 512-440-1492.